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Good For The Planet

We are committed to ‘doing better’ to reduce our impact on the planet including:

• Using sesame, a drought-tolerant and self-pollinating crop, as the main ingredient in our products

• Upcycling what’s left after the production of sesame oil

• Packaging our products in recyclable Tetra Pak cartons made mainly from renewable plant-based materials, and PET bottles with recyclable label sleeves

Sesamemilk is More Sustainable


Sesamemilk uses 95% less water than almond milk and 75% less water than oat milk.^


Almond cultivation requires bees to pollinate the groves during a short window. Millions of bees are shipped in and more than 30% die from stress and pesticide poisoning: "Like Sending Bees To War: The Deadly Truth Behind Your Almond Milk Obsession" - The Guardian, January 8th 2020.

Although pollinators can increase yield, sesame is self-pollinating and no commercial bees are required.^^


Glyphosate is commonly applied to protect the base crops used in many plant milks.^^^

Sesame is naturally pest-resistant and does not require intensive pesticides and herbicides.**