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  • What’s the shelf life of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk?

    When our ‘pantry-friendly’ shelf-stable sesamemilk is produced, each carton has 12 months of shelf life ending on the ‘best by’ date printed on the carton. After opening, please keep refrigerated and consume within 7-10 days.

    When our refrigerated sesamemilk is produced, each bottle has 6 months of shelf life ending on the ‘best by’ date printed on the sleeve. Please keep refrigerated at all times and consume within 10 days after opening for best flavor and quality.

  • Why are the ‘pantry-friendly’ Hope & Sesame sesamemilk cartons shelf-stable without refrigeration?

    Like many similar shelf-stable beverages, we use Tetra Pak cartons created to keep beverages preserved for long periods of time without refrigeration. This means we can distribute these products
    without the cost and environmental impact of refrigeration.

  • Is Hope & Sesame packaging recyclable?

    Yes, our Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable throughout the United States. Here is more
    information on Tetra Pak and recycling:

    Our refrigerated sesamemilk bottles are recyclable wherever PET bottles are accepted for recycling.

  • How can I use sesamemilk?

    Use sesamemilk any way you currently use plant milks or dairy milks, including in baking, hot beverages, cooking, smoothies, you name it. A lot of folks drink our Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut by the glass; we recommend using Unsweetened primarily as an ingredient.

  • Can I use sesamemilk in coffee and tea?

    Yes, you certainly can use sesamemilk in coffee and tea; a lot of folks do, the flavors pair extremely well (try Chocolate sesamemilk in coffee for an EXCELLENT mocha!). But our regular sesamemilks are not specifically designed for that use. For best results, please try our Barista Blend, formulated specifically for this purpose.

  • Why do you call it ‘milk’ if it’s not from cows?

    In the US, ‘milk’ is commonly used to refer to how the product is used and plant-based beverages that are specifically intended as dairy milk replacements/to be used as direct alternatives to dairy milk.

  • What makes Hope & Sesame sesamemilk a “More Nutritious" + More Sustainable Plant-based Milk?

    Nutritious: A one-cup serving (8 oz) of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk contains 8g of complete protein, with all 9 essential amino acids represented in a balanced profile, similar to dairy milk, and meet the FDA standards for ‘good source of protein, ‘excellent source of Calcium’ and ‘excellent source of Vitamin D. Most plant milks contain very little protein, and/or that protein is incomplete: 0g (rice milk), 1g (almond/macadamia nut milk), 3g (oat milk), 8g (pea milk – incomplete protein).

    Sustainable: Sesame is an amazingly sustainable crop. It thrives in dry conditions and requires little water to cultivate, it’s naturally pest resistant and it can self-pollinate, requiring very few resources to grow a crop especially versus water-intensive monocultures like almond groves. The pesticides used to protect almond crops kill thousands of bees every year that are shipped in for the pollination season, since bees are required for successful almond pollination.

  • I’m curious - how many sesame seeds are in a carton of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk?

    Good question! One cup of sesamemilk contains the equivalent of 5,000 sesame seeds!

  • What quality certifications does Hope & Sesame sesamemilk have?

    Hope & Sesame sesamemilk is Non-GMO Project Verified, OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher certified, Gluten-Free certified to 10 ppm by the GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization) and Certified Plant-Based (vegan) by the Plant-Based Foods Association. Additionally, our Organic sesamemilks are certified USDA Organic as well. These certification logos are printed and visible on each container of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk.

  • Is Hope & Sesame kosher certified?

    Yes, by the Orthodox Union (OU).

  • Is Hope & Sesame gluten-free certified?

    Yes, by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO), <10 ppm.

  • Is Hope & Sesame vegan?

    Yes, Hope & Sesame sesamemilk is vegan. The organic cane sugar in our sweetened varieties is verified vegan/not filtered through bone char.

  • Is there carrageenan in sesamemilk?

    No, we do not use carrageenan.

  • What is gellan gum?

    Gellan gum is a vegan-friendly thickener that’s included in a very small amount to increase the creaminess of our sesamemilk.

  • What are the ‘natural flavors’ in sesamemilk?

    Our natural flavors are a proprietary blend of essences, extracts, and other natural food materials, and are obtained via natural processes. These ingredients are non-GMO verified and compliant with USDA Organic standards and are free of the top 8 allergens. We are dedicated to the health and safety of our products, but we cannot divulge the components of our proprietary flavor blend because our recipes are… well… proprietary!

  • What kind of sunflower oil do you use?

    We use organic high oleic sunflower oil.

  • Is Hope & Sesame free from allergens?

    Other than the sesame allergen, our Unsweetened, Original, Vanilla, and Chocolate sesamemilks are free from the top 8 most common allergens: wheat (gluten), peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish. Our Chocolate Hazelnut sesamemilk contains a small amount of hazelnut oil, and is free from wheat (gluten), peanuts, dairy, soy, egg, fish, shellfish. Hope & Sesame sesamemilks are produced in a peanut-free plant.

  • Are any allergens present in the facility where Hope & Sesame sesamemilk is produced?

    Tree nuts (almond, coconut, cashew), dairy, and soy are processed on shared equipment. Crustaceans and non-gluten-free certified oats are present in the facility. Please see our Allergen Policy for more information.

  • What is your allergen control policy and procedures?

    Please click here for more information.

  • Where does sesame grow?

    Sesame thrives in dry climates worldwide, an can be grown with very little water. Sesame is popularly cultivated in Africa, India, Asia, South America, and recently is being more widely grown in North America. Most of our sesame is from Sub-Saharan Africa and is hand-harvested by farmers.

  • Have your products won any awards?

    We’re proud that the Specialty Food Association (the folks that put on the Fancy Food Shows) awarded our Chocolate Hazelnut Hope & Sesame the 2020 Best Plant Milk/Best New Product trophy! GAMA Innovation in the UK selected Hope & Sesame as a top 8 finalist in their 2020 Health & Wellness innovation awards. Hope & Sesame was a finalist in 4 categories in the 2019 World Beverage Awards.

  • What does a sesame plant look like?

    Tall, leafy and packed with sesame seed pods!

  • Hope & Sesame sounds like ‘Open Sesame!’

    Totally Intentional on our part. 😉

  • What’s the origin of ‘Open Sesame’ anyway?

    Aside from opening vast hidden caves of riches, ‘Open Sesame!’ refers to the sound the seed pods make when they’re dry and ready to pop open and spread their seeds, which they do with an audible ‘pop!’

  • Why shouldn’t I just drink almond milk? It’s cheaper!

    We’re not here to get in the way of your favorite non-dairy beverage, but to offer a nutrient-dense and -sustainable alternative. There aren’t many almonds in almond milk which is why it’s not very expensive.

  • What does sesamemilk taste like?

    Sesamemilk is fairly ‘neutral’ in flavor so it can be used any way you use other plant milks or dairy milk.

  • Why do you offer an unsweetened flavor?

    Our unsweetened sesamemilk contains NO sugar (conversely, all dairy milk does contain sugar in the form of lactose). It’s intended to be used in recipes – smoothies, coffee, baking, recipes – sugar-free, keto-friendly, nutrient-dense.

  • Do you work with bloggers and influencers?

    We do! If you’re interested in partnering, contact us at If there’s a fit with your audience, we are happy to provide reviewers with free samples for reviews and giveaways. We work with great influencers with audiences as small as 1,000 followers. Currently we do not pay for social media posts – all reviews are unpaid from folks who are fans (or not!) of our products.

  • Is Hope & Sesame keto-friendly?

    Our Unsweetened varieties are sugar-free and keto-friendly!

  • How many dietary exchange points are in a serving of Hope & Sesame sesamemilk?

    A one cup (8 oz) serving of Unsweetened sesamemilk is equivalent to 2 dietary exchange points, Original – 4 points, Vanilla – 5 points, Chocolate – 6 points, Chocolate Hazelnut – 6 points.