Your New Favorite Alt Milk Is Here

*Cafes, coffee shops, and foodservice establishments only at this time.


Made out of nutrient-dense pulp leftover from sesame oil production.



Sesame thrives in dry climates, requiring little water to grow.

Sesame Bee


Sesame is self-pollinating. No bees required!

Barista Blend with latte cup
Barista Blend Nutrition Facts Panel

32 FL OZ


sesamemilk (water, sesame protein, chickpea protein), cane sugar, high oleic sunflower oil, calcium phosphate, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, potassium phosphate, potassium citrate, toasted sesame oil, sea salt, gellan gum, vitamin d2.

Contains: sesame

Coffee Houses Are Already Raving

Image of iced coffee from Storied Coffee

Move over oat milk, there’s a new non-dairy in town... Slightly sweet, balancing a very mild but pleasant bitterness and an ever-so-slight graininess... We love it with lattes, especially our cold brew latte, and it makes a nice base for milk teas. And just remember - Storied had sesame milk before it was cool 🤙🏽

...we tried it for the sesame latte and we made the decision right away! It’s the purest sesame latte I ever had and the customers love it. We are starting to sell the sesame milk on shelf!

Ready To Try The Next "It" Milk?

*Cafes, coffee shops, and foodservice establishments only at this time.

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